Fisetin Shows Many Benefits

Fisetin Shows Many Benefits

Fisetin is showing great promise for anti-aging, lowering inflammation, and improving brain health. Find out about all the great benefits of fisetin!

Fisetin - A Promising Antiaging Supplement

Fisetin is showing promise in getting rid of damaging senescent cells and shares the anti-aging fighting properties of other polyphenols.

Fisetin from Double Wood

Fisetin is a naturally occurring flavanol found in certain fruits and vegetables. Fisetin has been used to support memory and cognitive function and acts as a potent antioxidant. Animal research has suggested that Fisetin may promote longevity and be an effective anti-aging supplement.  These results have not been established in human trials yet.


Evidence Preclinical data suggests that fisetin may improve cognition or protect against Alzheimer's disease, but there is no data suggesting that it will be effective in humans.

Fisetin: The Flavonoid That Slows Aging and Protects the Brain

Have you heard of the flavonoid fisetin? It’s a plant chemical, found most abundantly in strawberries, with promising health benefits. Anti-aging scientists have been researching fisetin and its benefits for a while. They expected it to perform as well as other antioxidants do at decreasing inflammation and making cells more efficient. However, a couple recent […]

Fisetin Potential Benefits Foods, Dosage & Side Effects - SelfHacked

Fisetin may delay aging and protect the brain and heart. Learn the potential benefits food sources, dosage & side effects.

A Senolytic Antioxidant for Healthy Aging and More

This flavonoid found in strawberries and other fruits and vegetables that can support healthy aging and more.

Fisetin is a senotherapeutic that extends health and lifespan

The natural product fisetin has senotherapeutic activity in mice and in human tissues. Late life intervention was sufficient to yield a potent health benefit. These characteristics suggest the feasibility to translation to human clinical studies.

The Rejuvenation Now Risk-Benefit Analysis of Fisetin as a Senolytic Therapy

The Forever Healthy Foundation's Rejuvenation Now program is engaged in the production of detailed analyses of risk and reward for presently available treatments that may act to slow or reverse aging. I think this is helpful, as a great deal of information exists, but is very scattered, and there...


Fisetin is another bioflavonoid compound that is very active against allergic inflammation, at least in in vitro and in animal models. It is found primarily in strawberries, but also in apples, persimmons, and onions. Fisetin has gained some attention in the scientific community due to its memory-enhancing capabilities in rodents.

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