Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips

Gardening tips you can use to grow that garden you have always wanted. Expert tips from around the web to get you started!

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners: Learn the basics of planting a garden, from planning out and designing the garden space to choosing the best vegetables to grow in your area. Gardening advice from

How To Grow Salad Greens All Year | Gardener's Supply

Too many gardeners plant salad greens just once a year. By planting continuously and thinking creatively about how to establish microclimates, it’s surprisingly easy to eat beautiful, delicious, home-grown salads almost every day of the year.

9 Things to Know About Starting a Garden From Scratch

Learn how to start a garden from scratch with these tips on soil, weeds, color, design, and more.

15 garden must-haves | Style at Home

Exchange ideas and find inspiration on interior decor and design tips, home organization ideas, decorating on a budget, decor trends, and more.

Here's What You Need to Know to Start Your First Vegetable Garden

Planting tomatoes, carrots, or cukes for the first time? Follow these tips for planning, preparing, planting, and maintaining a successful garden.


Our Growing Tomatoes Guide covers everything from planting through harvesting! Tomatoes are not hard to grow and we'll show you how to grow tomatoes successfully with tips on transplanting, tomato

Tips & Tools for Your First Vegetable Garden

Ready to start your first vegetable garden? The three essentials for an easy vegetable garden are: Full sun (at least 6-8 hours) Convenient water supply Good soil Add some basic supplies and you'll be off and growing. X Marks the Vegetable Garden Spot Ideally, prepare your garden bed in full sun (minimum of 6 hours of direct sunshine in the spring and summer). Just because a garden spot gets strong sun at noon it might not get 6 hours worth. Good soil is the source of nutrients for your plants. Now is the time for a soil test, to see if you need to amend your soil with key ingredients. For detailed information on soil testing, check out our video and article. It's All About the Soil The young roots of vegetables need loose soil so they can spread out fast. Break up the soil in your new garden area with a broadfork or a tiller. Soil is not just dirt, it's an active ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, and macroorganisms that encourage and interact with the roots of your vegetables. To enliven your garden soil, add compost, which is full of living things. You can make your own compost (see our video and article about how to do that), but if you need a fast supply, we have compost ready fo

Planting Calendar: When to Plant These Popular Vegetables

Want to grow your own vegetables, but don't know when to plant them? Check out this list of 12 popular veggies and their suggested planting dates!

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