Parts for Hearts - Nanoparticles Revolutionise Heart Research

Be a part of history; help build a plasma reactor chamber to revolutionise treatment for heart disease. A new discovery in nanoparticle technology will allow...

Nanoparticle Combat Cardiovascular Disease

New research is using nano particles to combat cardiovascular disease. Looking for a supplement that supports cardiovascular health?

Study reveals what causes type 2 diabetes and how to reverse it

Breakthrough research shows that type 2 diabetes occurs when fat from the liver overspills into the pancreas and confirms that weight loss can reverse it.

Best and worst diets for 2020, ranked by experts, with a popular one near last

The yearly ranking of the best and worst diets by 25 top nutritionists gives the Mediterranean diet top honors and places the popular keto diet near last.

New Injection Method Makes an Old TB Vaccine Far More Powerful

Giving the vaccine intravenously to monkeys provided 90% protection against tuberculosis. More testing is needed before humans can be inoculated that way.

Adaptogens Are The New Way To Fight Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety

As a woman living the modern life––balancing career, love, and family––we soon begin to get serious about self-care. Whether feeling the anxiety of an approaching deadline, carrying the load of stress that is parenting, or battling a relationship rut, we often find ourselves bogged down by a state o

Study finds type-2 diabetes trigger that doesn’t involve high blood sugar

Consuming too much sugar is a known risk factor for developing type-2 diabetes, but high blood glucose levels don’t tell the full story. It’s known that some people will develop insulin…

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